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"This is overdue but none the less heartfelt: We were lucky enough to choose Climax to play at our wedding reception in London back in April 2011. With about 150 people, kids adults and the seriously elderly we had reservations about keeping them all entertained. Climax and their fantastic caller (sorry name escapes me, great character with long hair) had the whole hall jumping and twirling for hours....until the hall was full of laughter and rosy cheeks. We are now heavily pregnant, despite being over 40, and looking forward to arranging a head wetting party -just an excuse to hire the band again and get everyone dancing. Every guest, and I mean every guest, told us what a fantastic band and how they had been to other weddings with Ceilidh bands but none as good as Climax, some said it was the best part of the day (don't tell the vicar!). So thank you Climax, next time no DJ….just more real music!"

"Excellent - and glamorous too!"

"They are brilliant to dance to!"

Public Gigs

"This is just to say how much we enjoyed ourselves last night and much of that was down to your music keeping the party going and Rachel trying to keep us all in step - a hopeless task which she undertook with great gusto and humour. Please let everyone know that we had a wonderful time and thank you and them for their part in that. I have been aching all over today but in a very good way! A terrific time was had by all! Thanks again"

"I must mention the tune played by the Climax Ceilidh Band for the Stoke Golding country dance - I could literally feel my feet lifting off the dance floor during that one! (Chippenham Festival)"

"Another very good gig - A Nottingham Swing so good the dancers didn't stop..... twice! Excellent band, cracking caller! (Phoenix Ceilidhs)"

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